my last words

What is «my last words»?

We offer the service to write or record secret and encrypted last words for your posterity. The service asks you chronically to confirm you're alive. If you do not react on the repeated request, your last words will eventually be decrypted and sent to your friends.

Is this some kind of a testament?

It actually is «kind of» a testament, a last will. It is, however, not regulated and thus also not protected by the law. We disadvise from publishing plans about your financial or material heritage. Of course you can bring these things up in your last words, but please be aware that your relatives may not be able to fulfill your wishes.

We focus on the emotional. What is the last thing you want to tell your friends? How do you expect them to say goodbye to you? Do you have plans on how and where to be buried? Who knows, maybe they read or show your last words at your funeral. Or maybe you want to share your Facebook- or Twitter password so they can tell the onlinecommunity about your too early demise.

How exactly does this work?

It's very simple! You just register and write your text. The text can be changed at any time and how many times you want. To make sure your last words cannot be hacked and rewritten, we never delete or overwrite old texts. All we do is save a new version. Nobody (including you) can delete or overwrite your last words.

After logging in you can push the green button to tell us you're still alive. Beneath the button you'll see a countdown. As soon as this drops to zero, your last words will be sent to your friends.

Is this safe?

Nowadays, nobody is really safe from (hacking) attacks. So we cannot guarantee the safety of your last words. Nobody could do that, especially not in the digital age. But we do our best. Your password and all your last words are encrypted via the Rijndael-algorithm (AES-256), which is also used by the USA to secure top secret information.

I have more questions!

No problem: Don't hesitate to send all your questions to